Texas Country Oaks Dance Hall, Edna, TX, New Years 2012

Friday, June 22, 2018

June 22, 2018

June 9, 2018

 As I mentioned in another post I had an appointment with Dr. Brewer, my Osteopathic Doctor who recommended I do a home sleep study and a complete Pulmonary Function test.

 Dr. Brewer said that he did not see anything serious from the Pulmonary study but that I do have some COPD in the form of emphysema, probably caused by my years of cigarette smoking.  For that he prescribed an inhaler that I will be using daily.

 The results of the sleep study showed that I have severe Sleep Apnea and Dr. Brewer recommended that I start using a continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) machine.  Because I travel full-time he ordered one from Lincare, a nationwide company. The office here in Bend will be my “home office” where I will order any supplies I will need..  On Thursday I went to their office to pick up my new ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset machine.

 I used the machine for the first time last Saturday night.  I have been told that it will take some time adjusting to using the machine and they were right but, when I did get to sleep I slept soundly.  Since I sleep on my side I may have to get a different pillow that doesn’t interfere with the full-face mask.  I have an app on my phone that downloads my sleep information from the CPAP.

 On the 5th one of my best friends Donald Johnson past to his reward in Fairfield, CA.  Don, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and the father of my ex-wife Susanna, was one of the finest men I have ever met.  He was a kind gentle soul who loved his family and lived his life to the fullest.  Rest in peace Don.  I will miss you for the rest of my life.

Don and Michelle

 On the 6th I celebrated my 70th birthday.  I can hardly believe that I am that I have made that many trips around the sun but I do hope I have many more in my future.

  Yesterday we did some shopping for tires for our Honda CRV here in Bend.  Costco has Michelin’s on sale for $70 off of four and plus $60 off if you use the Anywhere card.  A good deal.

June 11, 2018

 Here is our itinerary for our travels to Texas in the fall:
    1-3: Memaloose State Park, OR (Columbia Gorge)
    3-5: Hermiston, OR (visit friends)
    5-10:  Rick & Patty Stills RV Park, Rathdrum, ID
    10-11: Missoula, MT
    11-15: Columbia Falls, MT (Glacier National Park)
    15-16: Lolo, MT
    16-20: Challis, ID (Sawtooth Mountains)
    20-21: Idaho Falls, ID
    21-24: Hill AFB, UT
    24-27: Spanish Fork, UT (visit friends in Payson, UT)
    27-28: Fort Bridger, WY
    28-29: Rawlins, WY
    29-2 Oct: Casper, WY (visit Joyce’s sister & family)
    2-4: F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, WY
    4-7:  Not sure yet.
    7-9: Amarillo, TX. (visit friends)
    9-13: Altus AFB, OK
    13-14: Haskell, TX
    14-17: Dyess AFB, Abilene, TX
    17-21: Waco, TX
    21-23: College Station, TX. (visit George H. W. Bush’s Library)
    23-24: La Grange, TX
    24-28: Goliad, TX (visit friends)
    28-1 Nov: Aransas Pass, TX
    Nov 1 thru Feb 2019, Hidden Valley RV Park, Von Ormy, TX., just outside San Antonio.

 If anyone reading this is close to where we are going to be please set us know.  We’d love to see you.

June 16, 2018

 I’ve been using my CPAP machine for over a week now and have not found getting use to it as had as some folks led me to believe it would.  The really hard part was finding a position for my pillow that worked with the full-face mask.  Well, that didn’t work out so good so Joyce ordered me a pillow made specifically for use with CPAP machines.  I am not finding the CPAP Pillow as comfortable as I did the My Pillow I have had for a couple of years but I hope it works out.

 We’re starting to get very busy here at Tumalo.  The park is full almost every night now and we think this will continue throughout the summer with most of the arrivals having made a reservation.  The times of just showing up and expecting to snag a campsite in most Oregon State Park’s, especially in the summer are gone.

 I finally got the results of my new VA claim the other day.  I filed asking the VA to rate me for four things; a broken nose, sinus problems and sleeping and breathing issues.  The VA combined the sinus and breathing issues and awarded me a 30% disability rating for sinusitis.  So, I am now 60% disabled overall but will only get paid for 50%, the magic number for retired military folks.  The reason that I will not be paid for the whole 60% is due to the way the VA combines percentages.  Read more about that here:  https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/rates-index.asp#howcalc

Nice pic of Abigail and Skyler

Until next time.

Barry & Joyce

Monday, June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018

May 18, 2018

 For a long time now Joyce and I have been discussing changing to the Beyond Unlimited phone plan with Verizon and today we made the move.  Our old plan had unlimited talk and text with data usage set at 30 gigs.  Several times in the past year we have bumped up against that limit and this month we actually went over by 3 gigs which cost us an additional $45.  The new plan gives us the same unlimited talk/text but we now have “unlimited” data usage.  The “unlimited” is actually full LTE/4g service up to 15 gigs and per hot spot then you are subject to prioritizing on the cell towers.  With that in mind we purchased another MiFi Jetpack which gives us another 15 gigs of data before the possibility of being prioritized.

May 20, 2018

 We were pretty busy on our days off this week.  On Friday Joyce had a doctors appointment and then we got some shopping done.  Yesterday we drove over Oakridge to visit Jim and Jeanne Glaspey.

 Last week Max Glaspey, Jim and Jeanne Glaspey’s Great Dane crossed the rainbow bridge.  He was a special friend to not only Jim and Jeanne but he was my buddy.  I loved that guy and will miss him terribly.  I think he is up there playing with my other buddy’s Hunter and Paddy Stills.

My Buddy Max.

May 22, 2018

 Things are rolling right along here at Tumalo State Park.  We’re starting to fill all the yurts and camp sites every night which is not unusual here.  If past history is any indicator of what will happen this year, after the first of June we will be completely booked every night.

Later in the day….

 I started seeing flashes of light on the left side of my left eye, best described as looking through a prism.  As you may know I am partially blind in my right eye due to a TIA I had several years ago so you can believe I was really concerned about what I was seeing in my good eye.

 After a few minutes I told Joyce and of course she insisted we head over to the urgent care at Bend Memorial Clinic (BMC).  The nurse there sent us over to the emergency room at St. Charles Medical Center.

 The emergency room doctor referred me to an ophthalmologist, so we made an appointment with Dr. Majerczyk at BMC.  After his very thorough examination he believed I had a Ocular Migraine which is a pretty common thing.  Jut one more thing to add to my list of that proves, “gettin’ old ain’t for sissy’s”.

June 3, 2018

 On Friday we drove over to Oakridge to visit Jim and Jeanne Glaspey.  Shortly after arriving Jim said he had to go to Eugene to buy a keg of beer.  I thought that a tad strange since I had brought over a couple of 12-packs and I knew he had at least that much in his refrigerator but what the heck, lets go.

 Since it was Jim and Jeanne’s thirty-second wedding anniversary we stopped at Fred Myers so that he could pick up some flowers for Jeanne.  On the way up the hill back to Oakridge Jim asked me if I knew anything was going on at his house would I tell him and of course I said, “Heck no”.

 When we turned into their driveway I noticed some balloons tied to the railing of the deck and then I saw extra cars parked near the garage.  I still didn’t get it but I did notice Jim was smiling a little.  The a bunch of people came running out of the house yelling Happy Birthday.  Joyce, Jeanne and Jim had planned a 70th birthday party for me.

 We had a wonderful time with plenty of food and beverages.  Among the presents and card that I was given, Joyce’s card contained seventy $1 bills.  Thanks Joyce, Jim and Jeanne!


Barry & Joyce

Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, 2018

May 2, 2018

 We had a very nice visit with the Glaspey’s but as always with us it was time to move on to new adventures.  Yesterday,  after a great breakfast prepared by Jim we hooked up the CRV and headed up Hwy 58 and then Hwy 97 to Bend, OR and Tumalo State Park where we will be the Yurt Hosts for the next two months.

 If memory serves me this will be out fourth time hosting here at Tumalo.  Tumalo is not really a destination park but more used by folks passing through the area or visiting the Bend area for a short time.  We like it mainly because of the close proximity to the amenities in Bend.

May 6, 2018

 We are the Yurt Hosts here at Tumalo so we have seven of those guys we keep cleaned.  Cleaning yurts is a piece of cake most of the time, especially when the occupants sweep and take out their own trash.  We also are responsible for cleaning the camping sites in C-loop and relieving the other hosts on their days off.  Pretty darned good gig.

 Yesterday we drove down to La Pine State Park about 22 miles south of here near La Pine, OR to visit Jim & Jeanne, Ron & Tisha Glaspey and Dwayne & Donna Hayes who are spending a few days there.  We spent the afternoon just hanging around telling stories and then had a delicious steak dinner.

May 8, 2018

 As most of y’all know I am in the process of making a new claim with the Veterans Administration of complications resulting from a broken nose that happened many moons ago.  On Thursday the 3rd I had an appointment with a doctor investigating my case.

 The VA now contracts Veterans Evaluation Services, a company based in Houston, TX.  Their job is to schedule appointments, provide a medical professional to evaluate your case and report their findings to the VA.

 When I showed up for the appointment the doctor told me what his role was in my case.  He would not be doing an examination but would be looking trough my records to establish a “paper trail” that backs up my claim.  He had to search my records using key words to find something since the VA records are so jumbled.  After several minutes he found where I had went to the flight surgeon back in 1979 for a sinus block which established the paper trail.

 He then asked numerous questions to determine if I have had chronic problems since then.  He also asked about any medications I have been taking for my problems.

 The doctor took several minutes to explain the claim process moving forward.  One of my problems is that I never went to the doctor for sinus issues from 1979 to 2010 which could cause the VA to deny my claim.  Back in the day, most military folks didn’t go to the doctor for minor issues.  This was especially true for flying personnel for fear of being grounded and not allowed to fly again.

May 11, 2018

 Yesterday was overcast and cool but we wanted to get out of the park anyway.  I had heard there was a really good burger joint in Monument, OR and since we had never been there, and even with the bad weather we decided to make the drive anyway.

 On the way out we made a potty stop at one of the roadside parks on the John Day River.  There was a ranger there cleaning the bathrooms and while we waited for him to finish I struct up a conversation with him.  He noticed my Air Force retired hat and mentioned he was in the Army.  I mentioned that our son is in the Army with the 3rd Special Forces Group and he smiled and said he had been in the 6th Special Forces Group back in the day.  He also told us that the burger joint we were headed to try has been closed for a year.  Ducky, just ducky.

  Since we were almost there anyway we kept going.  Just so y’all know, there ain’t much in Monument, OR.  They did have a small store so we stopped in and got us a couple of ice creams and a soda.  And we thought Oakridge was isolated.


 Read more about Grant County here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grant_County,_Oregon

 On the way home we stopped at the Club Pioneer restaurant in Prineville for supper.  Not a bad place but a bit pricey.

May 16, 2018

 It’s been fairly quiet around Tumalo for the past few days.  The park is getting busy, especially on the weekends and very soon we will be booked up completely every night.

 One thing we have noticed that is a little annoying for us is the amount of folks that make a reservation and not show up.  More and more folks have started making reservations nine months out knowing that they may not be able to use them.  This morning I counted six sites that had reservations but no one showed up.

 For some reason we are only getting one bar of Verizon cell service here this year.  In the past years we have hosted here we usually got up to four bars, sometimes dropping down to two once in a while.  Our Jetpack MiFi is getting one as well but we have it connected to a Sleek signal booster which bumps that up to four bars.  To make phone calls here in our coach we have to use our wifi which bites into our data usage.  We’re now in the process of making decisions about our cell service, particularly our data usage.

May 18, 2018

 As part of my new VA claim for Sleep Apnea and other issues caused by the broken nose I suffered at Losing AFB, ME., I wanted to get a second opinion just in case the VA turns me down.  So, I started that process a week or so ago,

 First, I went to see my family doctor and he then referred me to a ENT and Dr. Brewer, one of the pulmonary function doctors.  I saw him last week and he believes I do in fact have sleep apnea but also COPD.  So I am now being tested for both of those issues.

 Yesterday I went back to BNC and picked up a home sleep test kit.  The last time I was tested for sleep apnea in Hemet, CA. I had to go into the clinic and spend the night there.  The kit I used last night was much easier to use and I could do the test at home.

 Next I am scheduled for a pulmonary function test on the 31st then I will see Dr. Brewer again that afternoon.  I sure hope the disease had progressed far enough that I will need supplemental oxygen.  This gettin’ old stuff ain’t for the faint of heart thats for sure.

More later.

Barry and Joyce

Sunday, May 6, 2018

May 6, 2018

April 12, 2018

 We had a nice time visiting with Rick and Patty Stills at the Dixon May Fair Campground last week.  One of the highlights was meeting Misty, the new Golden Retriever member of the family.

 Last Friday evening we all went out to dinner with Joe and Lori Martin at Cattleman’s Steakhouse.  We had a great time reminiscing about the “old days” at Travis AFB.  Joyce and I had breakfast with Joe and Lori at Bud’s Bar and Grill on Saturday.

April 13, 2018

 After a delicious breakfast made by Rick and Patty, Joyce and I hooked up the towd and headed up the road toward the Winn-River Casino in Redding, CA.  When Joyce called for a reservation for their RV park she scored us a free night of camping vice a free room in the hotel.  It was also military appreciation night so we got 15% of our dinner in Elements Restaurant and $10 free play.

 We got up early on Tuesday morning and after stopping for some fuel, we jumped on I-5 heading north for Oregon.  I hated to buy fuel in California (3.60 a gallon) again but we wanted to make sure we had enough to get over the hills without having to buy some in Yreka.

 It rained most of the way up through Shasta but the driving was fairly easy over the passes and down into the Ashland area.  We decided to stop in Central Point to top off our propane tank and fill up with diesel again.  This time we paid $2.99 a gallon, a much more reasonable price.

 After fueling up it was just a few miles up the road to Valley of the Rogue State Park where we will be spending a couple of weeks.  Although this park is right on the interstate it is beautiful and you adjust to the highway noise pretty quickly.

 A couple of hours after getting set up in our site we welcomed the Glaspey Clan to the park.  It is great to see Jim & Jeanne, Ron and Tisha and Dwayne & Donna again.

April 15, 2018

 On Thursday evening Jim, Jeanne, Joyce and I were invited on to Gary and Marcia Stevenson’s home in Grants Pass for dinner.  Gary and Marcia moved to this area from Oakridge this past year to be closer to their daughter Stephanie and her husband Jimmy and the new addition, Zane who is now four months old.

 Marcia made a delicious Chicken Parmesan dinner which was topped off with her homemade  mud pie that was amazing.  Thank you Gary and Marcia for your hospitality and even more for your friendship.

 On Friday Joyce, Jim, Jeanne and I met Gary and Marcia at the Taprock Northwest Grill in Grants Pass for drinks and appetizers.  The Taprock has several nice beers on tap and some of the best fried oysters I have ever eaten.  To make it really good it was happy hour so they had $1 off beer and half-price appetizers.  After appetizers Gary and Marcia joined the whole gang at the campground for a steak dinner.

The Gang

April 20, 2018

 On Tuesday morning Jere and Janet Scott came by for a visit.  Joyce has known Jere for may years, back to the days when she was in high school.  We drove over to Cave Junction for lunch at Taylor’s Sausage.

 Tuesday afternoon we welcomed Rick, Parry and Misty Stills to the park.  They are on their way home to Rathdrum, ID after a seven month road trip that took them all the way to Florida.  For supper I made some Taylor’s brats and Joyce fixed a killer German potato salad.

 On Wednesday we more or less just hung around the park.  Rick and I did make a no-notice inspection on the Rogue River VFW.  Gotta make sure they are keeping the beer cold don’t ya know.

 Rick and Patty brought some beef, chicken and pork fajita meat with them so we had a really great dinner.

Rick & Patty gettin' their Two-Step goin'

 Joyce had an appointment with an ENT doctor to check her ears on Wednesday.  For quite a while now she has had what we thought was fluid in her left ear and couldn’t clear that ear.  Come to find out Joyce has no fluid in that ear and has some permanent hearing loss.  She also has Tinnitus as well.  The doctor attributes then problems she has with her years of flying while in the Air Force Reserve.  So, when we get to Bend she is going to meet with the DAV Service Officer to file a claim for those problems.

 The Stills’ left yesterday morning and we moved over to spot F27 here at Valley of the Rogue.  We’ll be here until the 23rd when we’ll head up the road to Oakridge, OR.

April 21, 2018

 Last evening Joyce and I visited Jere and Janet Scott at their apartment in Rogue Valley Manor, a beautiful retirement community in Medford.  The Manor has every amenity you can think of including three dinning rooms, exercise  facilities, two golf courses and much more.  Jere and Janet treated us to dinner in one of the dining rooms and it was delicious.

I took a little road trip over to Brookings, OR
Harris Beach State Park

This is where Joyce and I get our mail delivered

April 27, 2018

 On Sunday evening Gary and Marcia had us over for supper again.  They had prepared a delicious prime rib with all the fixings.  Thanks again Gary and Marcia for the hospitality while were were in southern Oregon.

 Monday morning we packed up and made the short drive up to Tri City RV Park near Myrtle Creek.  After getting setup in our site we drove down to the Seven Feathers Casino for supper.

 After a good nights sleep we hooked up and headed up the Jim and Jeanne Glaspey’s RV Park in Oakridge, OR.  Jeanne is down in California so Jim, Joyce and I went down to Mountain Pizza for supper.

 On Wednesday Jim and I tackled replacing the motor for our entry door steps which quit working on our way up to Oakridge.  I had ordered a new one a couple of weeks ago from Amazon (it actually is made to fit the drives window on a 1886/87 Thunderbird) but when Jim got under the coach and and looked at the old one he discovered I had actually received the on for the passenger’s window.  After turning the motor around Jim thought it would actually work if it was mounted 180 degrees and by gosh it did.  Problem solved.

 Yesterday Joyce played a round of golf while Jim changed the back right brake on his toy hauler.  Me?  I gave him a lot of moral support.
Done for now.  later.

Barry & Joyce

Saturday, April 7, 2018

April 7, 2018

March 19, 2018

 For the past few days we have been helping my mother find a senior living facility.  We looked at a couple that mother thinks will fit the bill for her and settled on Windham Senior Living here in Fresno.  She will have her own one-bedroom apartment which includes a lot of amenities including two meals a day, spa, a pool and hot tub, an exercise room and much more.

 The goal is for her to move in on the 15th of April so there is a lot to do.  Fortunately she doesn’t have to sell her house before she moves so the estate and house sale can take places after she moves into Windham.

 Today we’re going over to Windham to start the ball rolling.  Mother is really excited about the move so that is making this process much easier.

March 22, 2018

 On Tuesday we left Fresno about 10 AM with no idea where we were headed, stopping at the rest area south of Ripon to figure it all out.  Joyce was not felling very well so we didn’t want to goof around too long looking for a place.

 I called the Travis AFB Famcamp and found out there was no room there.  We thought about calling the Dixon May Fair campground but decided to try the Elks Lodge in Woodbridge, CA first.  Bingo, they had open sites.

 After stopping at the Flying J in Ripon for fuel ($3.55 a gallon with our .10 discount) we rolled into Lodi about 12:30 and scored a back-in site with 30-amp power and water.  Yeah, it’s in a parking lot but for $25 a night it’s all good.

 I mentioned that Joyce was feeling bad and this morning she was really sick with a laryngitis, sore throat and bad cough.  Rather than try to tough it out I took her to an urgent care clinic here.  She saw a PA who gave her some prescriptions which we hope will knock this thing out.

 With Joyce feeling puny and the lousy weather forecasted now here in the Lodi area we’ve decided to roost here for a couple more days.  We don’t have a reservation until Sunday in Calistoga so the Elks will work just fine.

March 26, 2018

 Yesterday Joyce woke up with a terrible ear ache in her left ear so we decided to go the Lodi Hospital Emergency Room and have it checked out.  On top of the very bad cold she now has a really bad ear infection that needs to be addressed.  The doctor prescribed another antibiotic and something for the pain that he thinks will clear it up in a couple of days.

 After getting back to the house we contemplated staying in Lodi for another day or so to see if the med’s kicked in and made her feel better. But, we didn’t have a sewer hookups at the Elks  so we would have to dump our holding tanks then get set up again.  Plus, we have non-refundable reservations in Calistoga so we just hooked up the CRV and headed up Highway 12 through Fairfield to the Calistoga RV Park.  We get four days half price with our Passport America membership here which makes staying here affordable.

 The drive up Hwy 12 wasn’t too bad since the state has made some improvements and after Rio Vista the speed limit has been increased to 55 MPH vice 45 MPH which what it was for a long time.  I don’t think I will see the finish of the construction on the rode in my lifetime.  Seems they only do a few miles work and then quit for months at a time.

 March 29, 2018

 We have been in Calistoga now for four days and besides going to the store several times we haven’t done very much.  Joyce is sill having problems with her ear and not walking real steady.  On top of all that I have developed a cough that is driving me crazy so we have just been hanging out at the RV park.

March 30, 2018

 Yesterday we moved down to the Famcamp at Travis AFB and again, they parked us in a very tight parking site.  I have told them several times that this site (#62) is not good for big rigs and they persist in putting us in it anyway.

 I really think this will be our last stay here.  The kids, and I do mean kids that run the park have no clue about RVing.  All they do is hang around the office and collect your money.  There is a lot of homesteading going on here as well and not just active duty folks.  One of the Famcamps many rules, and there are a lot of them, is that you can only stay 180 days in a 12 month period.    Some of the rigs in here look like they have been parking in the same spot for much longer than that.

 We had thought about going over to the Dixon May Fair campground where Rick and Patty Stills are parked.  I called Rick to see if there was any sites open and he said there was only one that he could see.  They have a lot of dog shows there with one being this weekend so the parks stay had blocked off some sites for that.  Given that information and Joyce still being sick we just decided to stick it out here at Travis.  To top that off I still have that cough and a runny nose so we don’t want to take the chance of spreading that to others. 

April 2, 2018

 We’re now back in Calistoga for four days so that we can spend some time with Joyce’s family.

 Joyce is feeling a lot better but still has some buzzing going on in her ears.  I on the other hand have the cold I thought I got rid of last week back again.  So yesterday afternoon Joyce went to St. Helena with me.  I do feel somewhat better this morning so we’ll see how it goes.  I darned sure don’t want to give this stuff to other folks.

April 7, 2018

  On Thursday we left Calistoga and headed down to to the Dixon May Fair Campground in Dixon, CA. to hookup with Rick and Patty Stills.  We plan to stay here until Monday and then we’ll head north through Redding, CA and then on into Valley of the Rouge State Park near Grants Pass, OR.

Until next time.

Barry & Joyce

Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 17, 2018

March 1, 2018

 Moving day.  Heading up to Ehrenberg, AZ. for one night then on up to Needles, CA. Elks Lodge for two nights.

 We have had another good visit here at Naval Air Facility El Centro.  Got to meet some great people at the Mirage Club, got some minor dental work done in Los Algodones, Mexico and took the 12 day trip to Florida plus going on the cruise.  We were also blessed to have Ed and Cindy Kopic come over from Arizona for a visit.  But, it’s time to move on up the road toward Oregon.  Read our review here:  http://www.militarycampgrounds.us/california/discussions/review?id=9931

March 3, 2018

 On Thursday we had planned to leave El Centro and head up to Ehrenburg, AZ.  After pulling out of our parking site and getting ready to hook up our CRV I turned on the water pump.  Well guess what?  Yep, the darned thing would not work.  I checked the fuse and it was OK and there was power to the pump.  Ain’t this just dandy.

 I called the guy that put in the new pump back in January and he said bring the coach down to his shop.  When we got there and after again checking the fuse and power they had to replace the pump…again.  Took them a little over an hour get it changed.

 So we then jumped on Hwy 111, then up Hwy 78 to I-40 east to Edrenburg and the Arizona Oasis RV Resort, a Passport America affiliated park where we had a pull-through site for $22. 

 After getting set up our neighbors, Barry and Chris Bryant invited to sit a spell and have a drink.  They are from Alberta, Canada and head south when the weather gets nasty.  We had a really nice visit with them and exchanged business cards.

 Yesterday morning we headed up Hwy 95 to Parker, AZ where we got some diesel fuel and then on up thru Lake Havasu and finally to the Elks Lodge in Needles, CA.  They offer six parking sites with full hookups for $20 a night.

 We went up to the lodge to pay for our site and have a cold one.  Barbara, the bartender is a four-time Exalted Ruler here and will be in that chair again next year.  I had asked her , “Why Needles”?  After graduating from the California Highway Patrol Academy she didn’t want to serve in LA, Oakland or another big city so she picked here.  She sent her whole career in Needles and retired a couple of years ago with 34 years of service.

 Since the lodge didn’t have anything going on for supper Barbara recommended the Valdez Mexican Grill over in Mohave Valley, AZ.  Excellent food and huge portions.  We brought home enough food for another meal.

March 4, 2018

 Yesterday we drove over to Golden Valley, AZ to visit our friends Keith and Joann Taylor.  Joann fell not too long ago and broke the femur bone in her right leg.  She is doing well and on the mend but we picked up fixins’ for tacos and Joyce made supper for us.  We had a very nice visit.

March 5, 2017

 Today we drove over to Kingman, AZ and met Keith and Joann who drove us around the area.  They took us into the Hualapai Mountains which were really beautiful.

 After that we had a nice lunch at Ma and Pa’s Hot Rod Cafe’.  We had another nice visit and we hope to see them again soon.

March 7, 2018

 Yesterday we made the two hour run to Nellis AFB, NV.  Fought strong crosswinds most of the way.

 A couple of weeks ago Joyce scored us a room for two nights at Caesar’s Palace that came with $190 free play, free valet parking, $197 food credits and free internet.  All we had to pay was $88 for resort fee’s and taxes.  So as soon as we got setup in our parking site we drove down to “The Strip” and checked in the hotel.

 Caesar’s gave us a very nice room on the 27th floor that had a very nice king bed and of course Joyce loved the large jetted tub.

 Last night we enjoyed a very nice dinner at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  Joyce had the Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed  Salmon dish the she said was delicious and I settled on the Grilled Porterhouse Lamp Chops, the best lamb dish I have ever eaten anywhere.

March 8, 2018

 Yesterday we drove up to Mesquite, NV to check out the Del Webb Sun City Community.  The area is nice but it is a long way from from Las Vegas.  Not much out that way.

March 9, 2018

 We left Nellis AFB around 11:30 this morning, making the 75 mile run to Pahrump, NV is just under three hours.  The traffic on I-15 in the downtown Las Vegas is terrible with long areas of construction.  So, we decided to go around all that mess and take “the new” Hwy 215, then get one Hwy 159 to Hwy 160 north.  Much less stress and the drive through the Red Rocks Canyon was beautiful.

March 12, 2018

 On Saturday and Sunday we didn’t do too much, just checked out the local area.  As most of y’all know Joyce loves to watch HDTV and look at new homes.  So we toured a couple of new housing developments in Pahrump.

 On Monday we visited Death Valley National Park, the largest national park in the lower forty-eight states.  Our first stop was at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center where we picked up an updated map, checked out the small museum and planned our day.

 Since we only had a few hours we limited our tour to just the south end of the park.  First stop was at Devil’s Golf Course and then Badwater, the lowest point in North America.  The salt flats there are 282 feet below sea level.  Joyce made the 3/4 mile walk out onto the flats but I decided to stay behind.  Next we made the very beautiful nine-mile loop drive of Artists Palette.

 We didn’t get to see all we wanted in Death Valley so we’ll plan a trip back some time.  The park is just too big to see it all in just one or two days.  Here are a couple of recommendations:
    -  If you are going to camp in the park, make reservations the day they open up.  I tried the day after the reservation system opened up the camping sites and everything was full.
    -  Try to spend at least three days in the park.
    -  Take all the supplies you need.  Prices are very high in the park, specially gas and fuel.  Water, water, water!
    -  Have a good camera.

Devil's Golf Course
Mountain View
Salt Flats.  The lowest point in North America.
See the sign?  That is sea level.

On the Artist's Palette drive.

March 13, 2018

 Yesterday we hooked up and headed toward Mojave, CA.  Our original plan was to stay at Edwards AFB but after reading the reviews we decided to just spend a quick night at the Sierra Trails RV Park.  When Joyce called there they were full so we went to plan three, the Elks Lodge in Lancaster, CA.

 The lodge has about 22 sites, all back-in’s with 30 amp electric and water service.  Great place for an overnight stay.

 On the way Joyce got an email from our friend Melay Marcrum-Gates who lives in Lancaster. After getting off work Melay and her husband John met us at the lodge for drinks and then we had a nice supper at a local Mexican restaurant.

March 15, 2018

 On Tuesday morning we left Lancaster about 10:30, bound for the Fresno Elks Lodge for a six day visit with my mother and brothers.

 If you haven’t driven Highway 99 up through the Central Valley in a motor home or pulling a trailer, don’t if at all possible.  There were several times that I think we were lucky to not blow a tire after hitting some of the pot holes.  The traffic is always very heavy with everyone trying to get just one car length ahead of you and believe me, some of those folks have no idea what it takes to stop a 40,000 pound motor home.

 Until next time.

Barry & Joyce

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February 27, 2018

February 20, 2018

 After returning from our cruise I had an appointment scheduled on the 13th in Los Algodones, B.C., Mexico to have a crown and an old filling replaced, along with a new filling on another tooth.  Those procedures went well but Dr. Correa found some decay under the old filling so we decided to do a crown on that one also.  Impressions were done and we scheduled an appointment for the 16th to put on the new crowns.

 On the 16th Ed and Cindy Kopic brought their new toy hauler trailer over from Florence, AZ for a visit.  They have a large 5th wheel parked on their RV lot but bought this rig so that they could leave their 5’er on their lot and still do some traveling in the summer.

 Yesterday we drove back to Los Algodones to get my new crowns.  After working on them making adjustments,  Dr. Cabrera sent them back to the lab for final glazing. Since it was going to take about an hour for that Joyce and I went to have lunch at the El Paraiso Restaurant.

 After returning to the dentist’s office the doctor did a few more adjustments but didn’t like the fit so he sent them back to the lab.  We decided not to wait the 1.5 hours again so I made another appointment to Thursday.

February 24, 2018

 On Thursday we headed back over to Los Algodones to get the final work on my crowns.  I am really pleased with Dr. Cabrera’s work, specially the amount of time he took to get the crowns perfect.  If you are planning on getting dental work done in Mexico and don’t have a dentist I highly recommend:
Doctor Adolfo Cabrera
125 2nd St.
Los Algodones, B.C., Mexico
Phone: 1-928-227-1044
Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 and Saturday, 9-1.  All are Arizona time.
Even though his office opens at 9, the doctor typically doesn’t arrive until about 10:30.

 Yesterday we decided to take a drive up in the mountains to Julian, CA.  We’ve been to the village a few times but always enjoy the area.  This time there was snow still on the ground from the morning’s storm and the temperature was 34 degrees.  We didn’t do a lot, just walked around, had coffee and tea at Granny’s Cafe’ and visited a few shops.

On the way up to Julian.

February 26, 2018

 Joyce has just reminded me that I haven’t yet put our spring travel plans out to all our family and friends.  Here ya go:
1-2 Mar, Ehrenberg, AZ
2-4 Mar, Needles, CS
4-6 Mar, Laughlin, NV
6-9 Mar, Nellis AFB, NV (Las Vegas)
9-10 Mar, Pahrump, NV
12-13 Mar, Probably Edwards AFB, CA
13-19 Mar, Fresno, CA
19-25 Mar, Probably Travis AFB, CA
25-29 Mar, Calistoga, CA
29 Mar-1 Apr, Travis AFB, CA
1-5 Apr, Calistoga, CA
5-9 Apr, Petaluma, CA, Petaluma Coast Guard Training Center
9-12 Apr Petaluma, CA, Elks Lodge,
12-13 Apr, Redding, CA
13-23 Apr, Gold Hill, OR, Valley of the Rouge State Park
23 Apr-1 May,  Not sure yet.
1 May-1 Jul, Tumalo State Park, Bend, OR
1 Jul-31 Aug, Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, OR

The Blue's have been showing off the last few days.

This was taken out near Jacumba, CA.  The wall.

Barry & Joyce