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Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 13, 2017

June 19, 2017

 In our last post we told you about the Family Motor Coach Association’s new benefit for a Verizon MfFi Hotspot.  Joyce and I ordered it paying $43.99 for the device that came with 25 gigabytes of unlimited data.  Well, things have changed.

 Verizon has pulled the plug on the offering.  I’m not going to go into all the details here but if you want to read about the gaggle go here:  https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/verizon-pulls-the-plug-fmcas-insanely-good-verizon-unlimited-hotspot-deal/

 I will say that we are disappointed but we do plan to remain members of FMCA.  The other benefits that we have with them are worth the price of membership.  This one is really good for Joyce and I:  https://www.fmca.com/benefits/fmcassist.html
June 27, 2017

 Tumalo State Park has been very busy for most of the month with only a few open sites that could be had for one night and every once in a while we would get a cancellation on a yurt.  That said, for the past week we have been completely booked up.  One thing we have noticed is even though there have been no camping sites available we have seen some that go unused.  This morning when I made my early rounds I counted six sites that remained empty.  We wish that folks that are not going to show up after making reservations would take a couple of minutes to cancel.  It would be nice for folks traveling trough the area to get a parking camping site even for only one night.

July 4, 2017

 Happy Independence Day to all.

 On June 30th we left Tumalo State Park and headed up to Smith Rock State Park.  This will be our tenth year hosting at the amazing place.  Here is a great web site to learn more about the park:  https://smithrock.com/https://smithrock.com/

 I have said in the past and I will say it again; Smith Rock is very busy, especially on the weekends.  On Saturday night our Bivouac camping area was full to the brim and we had to turn folks away.  There are days here now that there is no parking to be had anywhere in the park.  Amazing.

 We will be here through August this year so that we can experience the solar eclipse on August 21st.  I have never seen a total eclipse and since they come around only every 23 years or so, this is the one for me.

July 7, 2017

  Things have slowed down a bit now that the temperatures have been in the mid to upper 90’s.  Most of the rock hippies have left for cooler climbing areas and those staying are mostly sight-seer’s. 

July 13, 2017

 Time flies when your havin’ fun.

 Nothing really exciting has been happening here at Smith Rock since I last wrote.  We have been taking care of doctor and dentist appointments and generally just relaxing.  Since we now have four host couples here our workload has been reduced dramatically.  Joyce and I are still taking care of the Bivouac area but now that there is not as many visitors during the week the bathrooms stay fairly clean.

This is Solo, the Bald Eagle that has recently left the nest. 
Barry & Joyce

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