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Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 5, 2017

July 15, 2017

 This is our “written in Jello” travel plans for this coming fall: 

1-5 Sep           Memaloose State Park, Mosier, OR
6-7 Sep           Hermiston, OR
7-10 Sep         Rathdrum, ID     Rick & Patty Stills RV Park
10-11 Sep       Polson, MT
11- 14 Sep      Columbia Falls, MT (Tour Glacier National Park)
14-17 Sep       Helena, MT, Fort Harrison RV Park (Just because we have never been there.)
17-18 Sep       Billings, MT, Elks Lodge
18-19 Sep       Kaycee, WY
19-22 Sep       Casper, WY (Visit Joyce’s family)
22-23 Sep       Cheyenne, WY
23-26 Sep       Denver, CO, Westminster Elks Lodge (Visit friends)
26-29 Sep       Colorado Springs, CO, Elks Lodge (Visit friends and tour some of the sights in the area)
29- 30 Sep      Las Vegas, NM, Elks Lodge
30 Sep-10 Oct Kirtland AFB, NM, Famcamp (May take in one day of the Balloon Festival)
10-12 Oct       Carrizozo, NM, Valley of Fires Recreation Area
12-16 Oct       White Sands Missile Range, NM, Volunteer Park Travel Campsite
16-19 Oct       Deming, NM
19-23 Oct       Silver City, NM, Elks Lodge (Great little town up in the mountains.)
23-26 Oct       Willcox, AZ
26 Oct-1 Nov   Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ Famcamp
1 Nov-1 Dec     Florence, AZ, Rancho Sonora RV Park
1 Dec- 1 Jan 2018    Casa Grande, AZ, Wild West Ranch & RV Park
1 Jan- 1 Mar 2018    Naval Air Facility El Centro, CA, Palm Oasis RV Resort

 If you live near where we are going give us a shout.

July 18, 2017

 Yesterday Joyce and I took a drive up into the Cascades to visit Sahalie and Koosah Falls.  Both of them are right off of Highway 20 and only a short walk from the parking lots.  Both are beautiful.

July 26, 2017

 A lot has been going on since I last wrote so let me get right to it.

 On the 20th we got word that Joyce’s mother who lived in San Francisco had another fall and is was in the hospital.  Joyce talked to the doctor and was told that Pat had a very bad infection and they were trying to find out what was causing the problem.  Later Joyce again talked to the hospital and was told they were still working on the infection and they they were considering putting her on a respirator.

 Friday morning the doctor called and told Joyce that Pat had taken a turn for the worse and probably would not make it through the night.  We then started looking at flights out of Redmond to San Francisco but we couldn’t find anything that would get her there in a timely manner and the cost was also very high.  So we then rented a car so she could drive down to California.  By the time Joyce got to Klamath Falls she learned that Pat had passed away.

 She then drove on down to Los Altos where she spent the night with her good friend Chris Herdell.  The next day they went to the hospital and to the home where Pat lived and picked up Pat’s things.  They then went to the funeral home to make arrangements for her burial.

August 2, 2017

  Joyce buried her mother on the 27th and then made the drive back up to Smith Rock with one stop on the way back.  It’s really good to have her home.  Joyce would like to thank all of you that called or wrote her with condolences for the loss of her mother.

 While Joyce was in California I made a trip over to Oakridge to visit Jim and Jeanne Glaspey.
The Gang

Randy & Bamby

 Yesterday we made the move from the Bivouac host parking site down the road to the Day Use Host site next to the Rex House, the district office for this area.

 Our duties have changed to taking care of the day use bathrooms, turning the water on and off in several places in the park, mowing the Rex House lawns and general cleanup of the area.  Joyce will probably still do some of the mowing in the day use picnic area.

Our Front Yard
Back Yard Views

 Also yesterday we welcomed our new Bivi Hosts, Piter and Margie who are originally from South Africa but now call Oregon home.  Piter is retired from the South African military and Margie is a retired school teacher.

August 4, 2017

 Not only is it very hot here in Central Oregon but we also have a lot of smoke to contend with.  The Whitewater fire that is burning in the Willamette National Forest near Mount Jefferson north west of Smith Rock is only 8% contained as of yesterday.  Hope that it dies down before the eclipse happens on the 21st.

Gotta throw in a couple of grandson pictures.

Barry & Joyce

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